About UsAre you sitting comfortably?

Sitting is one of the most natural things in the world. We can sit before we can walk and talk. But, as adults, no-one teaches us how to sit well. And if life involves lots of sitting, poor posture can affect our health and wellbeing.​

​The benefits of sitting properly include better breathing and digestion, reduced tension, better muscle tone, improved concentration, more energy and, of course, the avoidance of back problems. ​

As the vital link between our mind and body, the spinal column is your key to a healthy central nervous system. That’s why we cover a range of subjects to guide and inform you about ways to maintain your spine and back muscles, so you can stay at your fit and healthy best.

Back pain will affect many of us at some point in our life, but there are preventative steps we can take that also improve our happiness and well being at the same time. With simple steps you can enjoy surprising and noticeable benefits, including improvements to your concentration, productivity, energy levels and more.

We cover topics such as: the best exercises for lower back pain, how to avoid lower back pain causes, how to prevent neck pain causes as well as a host of back and posture related topics, including fascinating facts and interviews.

So now if you’re interested in sitting comfortably, we’ll begin>