Design Professor Bruno Mathsson.
1907 – 1988.

Distinguished furniture designer, Professor Bruno Mathsson (1907 – 1988) was an internationally renowned pioneer in the world of ergonomic furniture design, with many of his seating designs now firmly considered modern classics.

Prof. Mathsson first received international recognition as a furniture designer at the World Fair in Paris 1937, where his furniture drew much interest and excitement thanks to its seamless blend of aesthetic design and functionality. He went on to take part in furniture exhibitions the world over, from the Form Design Center in Malmö, Sweden to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

By bending lamented wood he created elegant, visually striking forms and ergonomic design. By the 1960s Prof Mathsson had become interested in tubular steel, where he began to demonstrate the same level of innovation and craftsmanship he exhibited in wood.

His clever creations still inform modern furniture makers today such as fellow Swedes Support Design, as they strive to combine beautiful shapes that perfectly compliment ergonomic functionality, health and comfort.

To learn more about one of Sweden’s most influential designers and see his fantastic designs up close, you can visit the Bruno Mathsson show room in Värnamo