Looking for the chair or stool that you are going to spend most of your working day on can be daunting.

Working long hours stretching, leaning, bending and moving around on a chair or stool can ignite back pain, so you need to get the right tool for the job. There are many features to look out for when seeking the right seat, and our Perfect Lite Hybrid chair fulfils everything you need:

  1. Comfort is key – especially when you are sat down most of the day. This ergonomically designed chair has a unique Free-Float function that allows you complete freedom of movement whilst promoting focus and positive posture.
  2. Posture positive. This chair’s precise design that enables the spine to hold its natural ‘S’ shape. Ensure your feet can be flat on the floor, the chair is at a comfortable height and tilts ever so slightly forward to provide good lower back support.
  3. Material is imperative. Revel in our premium upholstery material and, depending on what works for you, Scandinavian leather with light surface protection enabling the leather to breathe; it provides a high level of comfort to see you through the day. Alternatively, our eco-vinyl material is 100% polyurethane with cotton and polyester backing. PVC and Phthalate free, it has been OEKO-TEX certified so the upholstery is easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants and common cleaning products.
  4. Detailed design. Inspired by Swedish post-modern design, the saddle stools and chairs come in an array of beautiful colours that can let your personality shine through. The base is polished recyclable aluminium and upholstered with injection moulded polyurethane foam, which is recyclable when using a certain process. A plethora of accessories allow customisation, so you can create your perfect chair, whether it’s back rests, castors, foot rings or swings.
  5. Bespoke for you. When investing in a chair that you will be using daily, make sure it’s exactly what you are after. Support Design hand-builds, customises and meticulously finishes every chair or stool to your exact requirements.

For advice on staying healthy at work and the best options for seating, talk to us at Support Design.


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