Sitting actively can strengthen your body – here's how

Choose the right active sitting to strengthen your back and stomach

To avoid back pain, build muscle and generally feel better by sitting actively sounds good. But there are a lot of different ways to sit, and it can even be a bit of challenge at first. We talked to Annelies van Dijk, physiotherapist with an MA Karolinska in ergonomics who works at Hälsolänken.

"Often a breaking-in period is needed for a chair with active sitting," says Annelies. She compares it to starting at a gym, and says that at the beginning you should take it easy to achieve the best results. "After this period, active sitting can completely change how you feel, if you have back pain. The best way is to get variety, so sometimes you have support for your back and sometimes you don't. The angle of the chair is also important. If you choose to stand, pay attention so that you do not lean in one direction, and put your weight unevenly. It might be worth trying a balance board," says Annelies.

Choose the right chair according to how you sit

Moving your body – You sit on a chair that remains in one place, but you move your body a lot on the chair.

Try a Hybrid Advanced with foot ring and high gas cylinder and seat

Moving in the room – You sit on a chair that has wheels, so you can move your body and chair around the room

Try a Prism

Sitting actively that strengthens the body – You have a chair with Free Float function, which feels a bit like a pilates ball. You work with your back and abs all the time without bending your spine.

Try a Lite Hybrid

Prism, in your own choice of textile