New owner of the chair manufacturing company Support Design AB

Ny ägare till Support Design AB

Cecilia Gimmersta Stove & Magnus Norrman

Press release February 7, 2020

After more than 30 years in the chair industry, Magnus Norrman, 81, sells his life’s work Support Design AB in Sunne, Sweden, to entrepreneur Cecilia Gimmersta Stove.

« I’m pleased, says Magnus Norrman. The company will continue producing in Sunne. It provides financial resources to expand and at the same time it gets a competent, new management. »

From one family business to another

Cecilia Gimmersta Stove grew up in a family business group where wallpaper has been in focus for almost 100 years. She has long experience of entrepreneurship at all stages of the retail chain, from production, wholesale and distribution to retailing. Most recently Cecilia ran her own company, Björklund & Wingqvist AB as CEO for 13 years. Björklund & Wingqvist is a supplier of wallpaper to private and public housing associations with a wallpaper- and interior design showroom in Stockholm. The last couple of years she has moved from traditional wallpaper to digital at Rebel Walls AB. Rebel Walls, also a family business, run by Cecilia’s brother and sister-in-law with focus on international sales and customers in more than 70 countries.

« I am extremely happy that I was given the opportunity to acquire Support Design and can continue to run the company in the family spirit it already has. I love the craftsmanship and I am very much looking forward to further develop these premium chairs and make them even more accessible in a global market. My vision is to develop beautiful chairs that make us feel really good and that can contribute to an increasingly circular economy, says Cecilia Gimmersta Stove. »

Cecilia Gimmersta Stove will take over the company and assume the role as CEO on February 7, 2020.

For more information contact:
Magnus Norrman

070 554 30 78

Cecilia Gimmersta Stove

070 642 40 43

About Support Design AB

Support Design AB is a family-owned company that manufactures and sells ergonomic workchairs. For more than 30 years the company has created chairs that have become internationally recognized for their comfort and ergonomic features.

The company owns the copyright to a seat and back designed by Professor Bruno Mathsson. These are components of the SUPPORT chair. The product range also includes a broad product portfolio of saddle chairs which have been developed in-house.

All production from cutting, sewing and assembly takes place in the company’s factory in Sunne, Sweden.