International Dentistry Show

Join us at the International Dentist show between 12th and 16th March on stand-G70 H71, hall 11.3 and find your perfect posture partners.

Life involves a lot of sitting – especially in the dentistry profession.  A supportive seat can reduce tension, improve concentration, combat fatigue, and of course, aid in the avoidance of back problems.  And bad posture doesn‘t only lead to back pain; it can impact other aspects of your general wellbeing. At Support Design, we know that neglecting a positive posture can cause bad digestion, breathing problems, reduced energy levels and poor muscle tone.

You can test our chairs for yourself at IDS.  Take our challenge and blind compare Support Design seats to others, as we are confident that you will be able to tell the difference. All of the seats on our stand are designed to create a Positive Posture, including our flagship products the Support Chair and the Hybrid Saddle.

Discover for yourself how Support Design seats assist you in gaining a positive posture, because your chair is just as important to your work as any other piece of equipment.  Each Support Design chair is bespoke, hand-built with premium upholstery in a range of materials and colours, so that you can completely tailor your seat to your practice.

Whilst you spend every day focusing on the health of your patients, your seat could be having a negative impact on more than just your posture – it could seriously affect your everyday quality of life.  We want everyone to sit better.

Visit us at the International Dentist Show to explore our product range.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our experts, please contact Barbro Lidström

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