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Saddle Chair Lite, in Leather, Color Natural

More and more of us now work from home, a few days a week or full time. But it's easy to forget how important it is to sit right, when you're not in your regular workplace. In addition, it can be tricky to find work chairs that fit into a home décor, and that don't take up too much space.

We think an ergonomic chair should be both beautiful and practical. It should not only look good, it should make you feel good too – here is a selection from our range.


Expert's tips – how to work from home, and feel great

Gunilla Tapper is a professional physiotherapist and trained in ergonomics, at Hälsolänken. Here are Gunilla's top tips on hur you can support and strengthen your back even while working at home:

*Change your position often, preferably every 20 minutes."

*Vary between different postures, but don't go from a good to a bad one."

*If you don't have a height-adjustable table, think in new ways when it comes to work standing up. Maybe place a banana box on the dining table, or put the coffee table on the dining table, so you can stand up and work sometimes."

*It's very important that your arms are supported."

*If you don't have an adjustable chair, try raising the seat with pillows, or maybe put something under the chair legs so it comes higher up – just make sure you're sitting securely and stable."

*Get a routine. At work you might go out to lunch, take a coffee break, stand up and talk to colleagues – treat yourself to such breaks at home as well."

Do you want more tips on how to feel good and work sustainably? Check out our inspiration page Positive Posture

Seat Lite with backrest Perfect Core +, in your own choice of textile







"These chairs look so good that they cover a gap in the market no one else does" – the designer tells us about her saddle chair

Marie Kronqvist is a freelance designer who works from home. She has tried a saddlechair withoutbackrest from Support Design.

"What attracted me to Support Design was the look of the chair. I have visited several of the big furniture companies to find a stylish office chair, but it has been impossible. I was prepared to spend quite some money on a beautifully designed chair, which fits with my height-adjustable desk, but it was difficult."

"I definitely wanted a seat that could be angled, so I could sit ergonomically. I've suffered from RSI before, so I realize the importance of working right. But the design was also high on the list, I must admit. I wanted a chair that would look great in my home."

"I like that you can push the chair under the table when it is not in use, that it can be easily hidden away. Right now I have a seat in black leather, but I would probably choose one in grey leather for aesthetic reasons. I'm also thinking abouttrying a taburette with a mobile base – I like mobility, being able to roll around, and want to try active sitting."

Do you also want to sit actively? Here you will find our taburettes, saddle chairs and other products


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