An ergonomic hit.

Do you work as a physiotherapist or ergonomist and are looking for the right chairs or tools for your clients? Welcome to Support Design! We offer ergonomic chairs in a variety of designs.

Support Design

This is Support Design

In short, our motto is "How are you feeling at work?". Every day we ask ourselves how we can help people sit right, work effectively and creatively, and leave work energised and with a healthy body. With our long experience in ergonomic seating and strong focus on sustainability, we make premium chairs for dentists, healthcare professionals, hairdressers, office workers and everything in between.

  • Swedish-made chairs with durable and durable materials
  • Ergonomically designed for a variety of occupations
  • Adaptable in function, colour and shape
  • Helps the body maintain its natural S-curve
  • 30-day open shop and five-year warranty

The saddle chair - a brilliant favourite

In many health and care professions, the saddle chair is the undisputed first choice, for many good reasons. The mobility, the proud posture and the smooth design are some of them. We offer a wide range of saddle chairs that can be combined with a variety of accessories.

Explore our saddle chairs

Saddle Seat Lite Hybrid

Lite Hybrid

This chair has a patented Free-Float feature that gives you full freedom of movement and follows your movements.

Available in several materials and colors

Lite Core+

Lite has an ergonomic design that, together with the Core+ backrest, supports the natural S-shaped curve of the spine and provides an ideal sitting position.

Available in several materials and colors

Lite Advanced Hybrid Saddle Seat

Lite Advanced Hybrid

As you move forward, backward and sideways on the saddle chair, the movement of the seat relieves pressure on nerves, muscles and ligaments.

Available in several materials and colors

Why not sit on a sustainable solution?

We choose materials and parts carefully when building our furniture and we don't compromise on quality. A chair that lasts is not only good for our environment but also for our customers. If a part needs to be replaced, we have plenty of accessories and spare parts, all to help you keep your chair for as long as possible.

Explore our accessories


Foot ring

Ideal for higher seats with a high cylinder that prevents the feet from reaching the floor. Suitable for all models.

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Backrest Core+

Lumbar support whose height and inclination can be adjusted. Available in two models, Mini for resting and Core+ to facilitate posture.

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Armrest Swing

An armrest that also serves as support for the back and stomach. Can be turned 360° which gives optimal freedom of movement.

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Support Design

I probably won't find a better chair, I am extremely grateful.

Ing-Marie Albinsson
I.D. Dental hygienist, Little Tooth Crown in Arvika


Our chairs are handmade from start to finish with carefully selected and durable materials and parts. If you're concerned about sitting properly, maintaining energy throughout the working day and taking care of your body, you've come to the right place. We'll help you find a chair that's tailored to your well-being needs. What's more, while our chairs focus on ergonomics and durability, they're also stylish enough to wear at home or in the office. For us, ergonomics and looks are not mutually exclusive.
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Our chairs are available in many different combinations and designs. Do you want a saddle chair for free movement? Do you want to add a back or armrest for extra support? The range of adjustments is, as you can imagine, very wide. Contact us and we will help you choose the right one!
Of course! Contact us and we'll book a time that suits you.
Because we handcraft our chairs with carefully selected materials and parts, all our chairs have a very good durability. Of course, it is impossible to say exactly how long a specific chair will last, but we can promise you that our chairs will last. That's why we always give a five-year guarantee on all our products. In addition, we have a wide range of spare parts and accessories to help you keep your chair for as long as possible.

Want help helping others?

As you know, choosing the right chair is not always easy. If you want guidance through our range to help your client or yourself find the right chair for the job, we're here for you.

Book a digital consultation with one of our experts at a time that suits you. See you there!