About us

How do you feel at work?

These are our watchwords at Support Design. Every day we ask ourselves how we can help our customers to sit well and work creatively, and still go home with energy and a happy body. We have a long background in ergonomic thinking and the desire to make your working day easier. Sustainability is our focus, both in terms of how we manufacture our products in Värmland and how we make our bodies last long and stay happy at work.

What distinguishes us from other producers of work chairs is the unique seat and back in the Support chair we commissioned by Swedish design master Bruno Mathsson in the 1970s. As the pioneering designer he was, he started from the needs and function of the human body to create chairs you can work in all day. The product range also includes a broad product portfolio of saddle chairs developed in-house.

Local manufacturing for 30 years

We are a family-owned company and we are proud that for more than 35 years we have created chairs that have been internationally recognized for their comfort and ergonomic characteristics. All our manufacturing, from cutting, sewing, cladding and assembly, takes place in our factory in Sunne in Värmland.

In 2020, Support Design AB got a new owner, CEO Cecilia Gimmersta Stove. She brings new ideas and visions for office furniture at a time when many workplaces are rapidly changing.

"I am extremely pleased that I have been given the opportunity to acquire Support Design and may continue to run the company in the family spirit it already has. I love the craftsmanship and am very much looking forward to further developing these premium chairs and making them even more accessible in a global market. My vision is to develop beautiful chairs that make us feel really good and that can contribute in an increasingly circular economy," says Cecilia Gimmersta Stove.

Our history

It is the early 1970s, and in the factory in Sunne, the then owner Magnus Norrman gets the idea to create a really good workshop chair. "I want to replace the uncomfortable wooden box with a piece of quilt that is the most common work chair on the factory floor," as he said in an interview in Dagens Nyheter about the newly launched chair. And who better suited to design such a chair, if not one of Sweden's most famous designers, Professor Bruno Mathsson, who later came to be a leader in ergonomic thinking when it comes to office and computer work.

It was a long journey from idea to product, but in 1982 the first Support chair was ready for sale. Right from the start, Bruno Mathsson formed the design after the shape of the human back. The end result was two bowls that provide support in the lumbar spine and tip the person a little forward. When sitting with your legs at a 90 degree angle, pressure is applied to the fourth and fifth vertebra, which can lead to back problems. But with the innovative Support Chair the legs take some of the weight and help the spine.

This ergonomic way of thinking has been expanded into other products. Apart from the original chair, the products also include a saddle chair and taburett, with or without backrests. The Support Design family has also been expanded with a variety of styles, and the customer can choose from a variety of accessories, textiles, leathers and colours.


About us