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Design for your well-being

This is more than a chair. This is a future free from back pain, an assurance that you can leave work full of energy every day – and for years to come, due to the quality and craftsmanship of our products. At Support Design we have always focussed on creating beautiful, ergonomic chairs that help you sit naturally and comfortably. That they are stylish enough for any room or office, is of course a bonus.

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A selection of our ergonomic chairs

Home office

You shouldn't have to suffer from a bad back just because you are working from home. We'll help you create a healthy work environment, by finding the right chair for you

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Creative workspace

Sitting long hours at a desk, listening to a presentation or having a coffee break... In today's modern offices, we sit in many different ways when we work. We have ergonomic chairs for all jobs, and all bodies.

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Health and care

For those of you who look after others, we have the chair that takes care of you. Move, bend, twist and lift – we have flexible chair solutions for dentists, nurses and dental hygienists.

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Beauty and wellbeing

Beauty may come from within, but we all need a helping hand sometimes. Our chairs work hard for those of you who make our lives more beautiful – and they are good-looking enough for the most stylish salon.

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We have several accessories to build your personal chair
according to your circumstances and needs

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