Sadelstolar - dynamiska

Our Hybrid saddle chairs have a patented Free-Float function that gives you full freedom of movement and follows your movements. As you move forward, backward and sideways, the movement of the seat relieves pressure on nerves, muscles and ligaments. This helps increase blood flow to your muscles and prevents back problems.

Lite Advanced Hybrid

Price from: 10,866.00 Skr
  • A smaller seat with a socket at the front
  • Optimized for men, suitable for everyone
  • Movable seat with patented locking function
Saddle Seat Lite Hybrid
Lite Hybrid

Price from: 10,552.00 Skr
  • Smaller seat without seams
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Movable seat with patented locking function

Price from: 7,250.00 Skr
  • Active sitting
  • Soft movable seat
  • Trains the core muscles