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Open-plan offices, hot desking, and co-working spaces... yes, we have come a long way from standardized small rooms and closed doors. Design and well-being are increasingly important in creative offices, and with it comes the art of sitting right. But in mobile work spaces, where you have different functions and routines from week to week, different kinds of seating are needed. One type of chair fits in meeting rooms or in the breakout zone, while another is needed if you work for a long time. Even active chairs, where you can sit and still be mobile, as well as taburetts that you can roll around on, are great in innovative workplaces.

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Ergonomics expert's tips for creative work spaces

For different tasks, different chairs are needed, says company physiotherapist Gunilla Tapper at Hälsolänken. "Whatever chair you use, make sure you feel relaxed and creative. If you sit and feed data several hours a day, it's good to have a chair that has a lot of different functions – standing up, moving armrests, changing your seat angle... The chair must provide proper support, but you should not get stuck in the same position."

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"In the meeting room, the chairs are often designed to give confidence and comfort, so you can sit back and be creative. Perhaps they are also meant to impress guests and potential customers."

"If you want to be really active and mobile, you can choose a standing support base, where you do not sit at all but balance on your feet. These might be good for a certain period of the day."

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