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Sit right to feel – and look – good

A stylish chair that gives you support

Looks are important, right? That's why our ergonomic work chairs are designed to fit into beautiful surroundings without breaking the style. But we also know that beauty comes from within. If your back is well and you have energy and strength, it shows.

Our chairs don't just look good. They make you feel good, too.

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How do you move when you work?

At Support Design we are specialists in sitting that helps you feel good. But we know that not all types of sitting is still, and we have therefore developed accessories that can give you ergonomic support and leave you full of energy even after long shifts.

Do you move your body while you sit?
Then you need: A Support Chair with Backrest and Free-Float function
If you bend over or turn to the side often while sitting, choose one of our chairs with Free Float function. However you turn, the backrest follows and helps support your spine.

Do you put weight on your arms?
Then you need: Armrests
Maybe you're working with manicures, facials, or dental hygiene, and need support for your arms while you bend forward. We have fixed and removable armrests that can be easily adjusted. The unique C-shape of the swing armrest allows you to use it both as back, arm and stomach rests. It can be rotated 360 degrees around the seat and adjusted in and out towards the body to suit different working positions. The armrest has a thick padding that makes it comfortable for longer periods of time.

Do you want to quickly change the seat height?
Then you need: Height adjustable gas spring
Different customers are different in height, so if you work as a hairdresser, for example, it may be easier to change your own seat height rather than the customer's for different tasks. We also have a foot control, so if you have your hands full with hair color, or need to keep them hygienically sterile, you can use your feet to change the height.

Are you sitting elevated and want support for your feet?
Then you need: Foot ring
At high reception desks, it can be nice to get your feet up slightly. Our foot rings and foot crosses come in a comparatively small size that fits perfectly in narrow spaces.

You want to remain in one place while you work?
Then you need: Sliding feet
Our chairs come with wheels as standard, but they can be customized for those who need to be in one place.

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