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It is well known that Finland is at the forefront when it comes to simple, stylish design. Perhaps it was this eye for form that led a Finnish dentist to discover the Support Chair sometime in the 1980s, and decided to try it on at his clinic. Word spread, and since then dentists have been an important customer group for our chairs. The profession sits forward-leaning over its patients, and needs room to move arms and hands unhindered, as well as being able to twist the body and roll the chair across the floor.

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Saddle chair Lite, in custom vinyl to match the customer's dentist chair

Better back with active sitting – try an ergonomic saddle chair

When using a saddle chair, you strengthen your back and abs, while being supported to always have a naturally upright posture. Our Seat chairs Perfect Lite Hybrid and Perfect Lite Advanced Hybrid are designed to encourage active sitting. They have a Free-Float feature that provides full freedom of movement and follows your body's movements. When moving body weight forward, backward and sideways, the seat's movement relieves pressure on nerves, muscles and ligaments. It helps to increase blood flow in your muscles and prevents back problems.

If you choose one of our other saddle models Perfect Classic, Perfect Andvanced or Perfect Lite and Perfect Lite Advanced, they give you the ability to easily adjust the seat angle and seat height so you can vary your sitting during the day. Combine these with accessories like the Core+ backrest to give you extra support.

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"I probably won't find a better chair – I'm extremely grateful"

Dental hygienist Ing-Marie Albinsson from Lilla Tandkronan in Arvika, Värmland, was involved in a traffic accident in 2000 where she suffered a whiplash injury on the left side. This resulted in a long rehabilitation with various treatments and training, but when Ing-Marie returned to work she discovered that she had difficulty treating patients sitting.

"Standing became for me a natural way to work during treatments. For several years I tried a number of chairs from different manufacturers, but none that met my expectations. Until one day I happened upon the Perfect Lite Advance Hybrid from Support Design. It had a movable seat, and could be raised up to an almost standing position. I got to try it for a few days, and you know that feeling when you try on jeans, and you immediately feel that they will fit? That's how it was with this op-chair – a perfect match," says Ing-Marie.

"When I then opened my own dental hygiene clinic, I asked the Swedish National Dental Service where I worked if I could buy it, because I probably won't find a better chair. My old colleagues gave it to me as a leaving present! I am extremely grateful."

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