How do I find motivation when I sit at home and work alone?

4 top tips to help you work efficiently when you're at home

Some people love working at home because they get more done, and maybe have time to put on a wash between tasks. Others find it difficult to find motivation and lack the energy of colleagues. We asked Bosse Rosén, a trained physiotherapist who has started Utemaningen, a green wellness company, how he finds the job desire. Here are his tips:

  • Deal with creative things when you have the most energy. For me, it's in the morning. Don't start by opening the emails (unless your job requires it). There is a great risk that you will be sitting and plotting and not getting the most important thing done. 
  • Divide larger tasks into just enough mouthfuls. Reward yourself with a micro break when you're done. 
  • Stay in touch with others. Call, Zoom or Skypa sometimes than just email. We're social animals, we humans. Where I live, there are a few of us who meet for a joint lunch once a week outdoors – with corona distance. My wife has virtual coffee meetings at set times with workmates who now work at home. 
  • Prioritize recovery. I stand mostly and work until I get tired in my head. Then I'll go out and take a few breaths. Walking outside is unbeatable to bring new energy to the skull. (Just make sure not to go and plot on your phone then. Then there will be no brain rest.)

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