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Bruno Mathsson – The art of sitting

Design for the body and soul of a true furniture master

Professor Bruno Mathsson, 1907-1988, was a modernist in the true sense of the word. He was as influential as the other celebrity modernists of the 1930s (Alvar Aalto and Marcel Breuer, for example), but since he was constantly starting from the shapes of the human body, his design will never go out of time either. He's eternally modern.

Sitting became a focus for Bruno Mathsson, both in a relaxed position in his armchairs Pernilla, Jetson and Karin, but also in workplaces and in front of computers. Back in 1935, he expressed his design philosophy like this: "The ultimate sitting is an art, which it should not be. Instead, the manufacture of seating should be done with such art that sitting in them becomes no art".

When Mathsson was commissioned by Support Design to draw a work chair in the 1970s, he put effort into creating a chair where you shouldn't have to think about whether you sit right or not – he thought the focus should be on the work, and not on the work position. It is an attitude we still start from when we produce our Support Chair, and which we know will be modern for many years to come.

Here you can find your own Support chair, designed by Bruno Mathsson