Dog at work – yes or no?

Pros and cons of bringing the doggie to the workplace

If you work at home, it can be positive to have a dog as a companion. You have to get out and move, regularly and regardless of the weather, and there is often a happy tail and soft snout if you need some encouragement. But what's it like to have a dog in a workplace? And what are the rules?

  1. Your colleagues and potential customers always come first. It is up to your manager and safety representative to decide whether or not it is suitable with a dog at work.
  2. The right of new employees. The Work Environment Act says that it is the manager's responsibility that everyone should feel good at work. If you are looking for new colleagues, inform about the dog right from the start.
  3. Inform the customers. If you work in a shop, hairdressing salon or other place where people go in and out, it is good if you inform outside that there is a dog, so allergy sufferers are warned.
  4. Make sure your dog likes company. In order for it to work with dogs at work, it must of course like other people, and be a positive experience for everyone in the workplace.
  5. Share responsibility – and love. Let your colleagues enjoy a lunch walk, and some cuddles during the coffee break. A dog at work becomes like a little colleague while it's there!
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