Work at a café and office hotel – relaxed and cool? Or death for the back...

Working outside an office isn't always as liberating as it looks

We see them sitting in rows behind beaten-up computer screens, often with headphones over their cap and a facial expression of great concentration. For many, this is the image of a creative, free working life in delicious surroundings. And of course design and beautiful interiors are important, but as a working environment, a café or an office hotel often lacks several important components. Physiotherapist Gunilla Tapper at The Health Link says this may cause injuries in the long run.

"We are seeing a clear increase in young people coming to us with pain, especially after the corona period. Many people sit at home or out at some diner and work on a laptop for several hours a day, which can cause problems," says Gunilla.

Is this, then, a problem that most affects young people right now?

"When you're young, your body doesn't speak up as quickly, but you might have many, many years of sitting in front of you, so it's important that it gets right," Gunilla said. "If you sit on a hard wooden bench, for example, the bleeding becomes much worse – the butt has a shape, and you press it together on a hard seat, there are consequences of course."

As is so often the case when it comes to work positions, it's about moving around and shifting positions from time to time – so feel free to have an espresso with your computer when you go to a coffee shop, but save the extra large latte until you sit a little better.

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