Love your chair – avoid back problems while working

Don't be afraid to change the settings on your chair, that's what it's made for says the expert

It's easy to think you're buying a work chair, setting it up once, and then you just sit down and work. But that's not quite right, says Gunilla Tapper, occupational physiotherapist and trained ergonomics, Health Link. On the contrary, it is good if we mecca with the settings on the chair – preferably several times a day.

"Rule number one is – learn your chair! Don't be afraid of buttons and levers. Often I come out to workplaces and the employees say, no no, do not touch the settings on my chair. It's perfectly set for me! But that's exactly what you're going to do, change the chair several times a day preferably. In the car you sit down and set the seat, correct mirrors and knobs on controls. Do the same with your work chair, often."

Another thing you can do to avoid back pain and feel good at work is to take the time to read your body. "Ergonomics is about the doctrine of the body, but you have to learn to feel your body yourself," says Gunilla Tapper. "Some should not have armrests because they constantly lift their elbows. Others work in 'standby', they are always ready and flexing their muscles. Maybe they sit with their hands over the keyboard or mouse all the time."

There are some good tips on how to read your posture and working posture," says Gunilla. "Freeze a position! Sit still and feel it. Wow! Why have I got my arm raised? How's your neck? What position are my feet? If I move certain things and change the setting of my chair, do I feel better? Take your time to sense your body, several times every day."

Here you will find our ergonomic chairs that can help you feel good at work

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