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Why should employers invest in health?

Why should employers invest in health?

When people feel good at work, they do a good job, too. If you as an employer are hesitant to take outside help to get the best job environment possible, it may be good to read what Annelies van Dijk, a physiotherapist and MA in ergonomics who works at Hälsolänken, has to say.

"We work as an independent resource, and we don't take anyone's side in the workplace," says Annelies van Dijk. "With us you can get help with a lot of problems at work, from doctors to social workers. We can also work preventively, with mental illness or physical well-being."

One of the problems Annelies thinks is important to solve in a workplace is to get an overall picture of how the staff live and move.
"The difficult thing about ergonomics is that you use the body both privately and at work. Maybe you lift heavily in your spare time, or burden your body in other ways – the body does not distinguish between home and work."

In Sweden, the commitment of both employees and management is strong when it comes to having a good working environment," says Annelies.

"Sweden is a leader in Europe in ergonomics and sitting right, largely because there have been many laws and regulations that companies have had to follow. Now many employees are aware of what they can demand, and there is commitment among the companies as well."