Sitting comfortably? 15 things you didn’t know about sitting

1.    Pain reduction. Slouching can add strain to your muscles and put stress on your spine, leading to constricted blood vessels, nerves and muscles. Correct posture has the opposite effect and helps ease back pain whilst strengthening back muscles.
2.    Confidence. Sitting upright can make you appear taller, which helps you gain a greater sense of confidence.
3.    Lose weight. It’s thought you can burn up to 350 calories a day by sitting properly! This is due to taking tension off the body and allowing everything to flow better.
4.    Build a stronger core. Sitting well makes your core muscles work better and strengthens your abs.
5.    Better breathing. Good posture opens your airways, allowing for better breathing and increasing oxygen intake.
6.    Improve memory. Sitting upright can improve your ability to map new experiences and remember things.
7.    Improve mood. Good posture can make you feel more energetic, happier and more positive.
8.    Reduce stress. You can maintain self-esteem and reduce negative moods by sitting well
9.    Improve productivity. You can take in up to 30% more oxygen with good posture, making you more alert, concentrated and productive.
10.    Good digestion. Keeping your ribcage in a good position by sitting correctly helps digestion work easier.
11.    Alignment. Keeping bones and joints in the correct alignment by sitting correctly means that muscles are being used properly and more effectively.
12.    Prevents fatigue. Muscles are used more efficiently with correct posture, so less energy is used.
13.    Flexibility. Improved posture relaxes the body and makes you more flexible.
14.    Minimise joint wear. Having correct posture can ensure that your joints don’t wear abnormally, reducing the risk of arthritis.
15.    Social etiquette. In many cultures it’s considered good practice to sit up straight, as bad posture when sitting could be considered rude and disrespectful.

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